Are we a good fit for each other?

If you are looking for something different, something better than we may be the company you’ve been searching to find.

 If you want the typical regenerative medicine integration experience, we aren’t the company you are looking to find.  There are great companies like AMI and Dr. Singer, who can help you with that.

We are different.  We designed our program to be cost-effective and empower our clients to help more patients and increase their revenue.  It should pay you to work with us.

The regenerative medicine business should be all about the patient.  When it comes to your relationship with RHSS, it should be about excellence in patient care along with positive ROI and financial success.

We say NO more than yes to prospects.  We want to honor all the excellent professionals we meet, but we aren’t the right fit for everyone.

We are different.  We are looking for a mutual win-win-win situation.
The patient and the community in which they live must benefit/win.  As our client, you must win.  We must win, too, if we want to be successful in business and help more patients and clients.

We have a careful vetting process that allows us to make sure that we are a good fit for each other.  We’d rather have the pleasure of meeting you and not doing business together instead of saying yes to your detriment or ours.

We’d like to see if we are a good fit for each other.  If you’d like to talk, fill out this quick survey.  I answer each one of the surveys personally, and I hope to speak to you soon.

Regenerative Medicine Consulting

Help more patients, make more money, and do it the right way!

What Does It Cost to Offer Regen Medicine?
We can help!  We will create a custom solution that fits your needs and your situation.
See the information below to learn more...

We Do It for You

We lease space from you, and you share our regen med story with your patients and community connections, and we do all the rest. This option requires a survey and that you schedule a time to interview with our team to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Take this survey to talk with us further.

We Do It with You

We work with you to do the hard part, and you provide patient care and follow up. We help you by sharing the protocols, resources, labs vetted by our healthcare attorneys, marketing and consulting services, and access to our membership group for discounted pricing for products and services.

 Take this survey to talk with us further.

We Help You Do It Better

Great news, you are already integrated and providing regen medicine to your patients. We help you by sharing the protocols, resources, labs vetted by our healthcare attorneys, marketing and consulting services, and access to our membership group for discounted pricing for products and services.

Take this survey to talk with us further.


All About You

We provide 3 options that allow medical providers to successfully offer regenerative medicine services such as tissue transplants and human cell and tissue therapy (often referred to by the general public as stem cell therapy), and exesome therapy for their patients and community. We believe care and service to our clients and their patients are the cornerstones of a great business.

The Technical Stuff

We educate and train you and your team to provide regen med services correctly, legally, and with integrity. We have a proven and successful training system that allows your current patients to help you get started while improving their quality of life. We only work with labs with cGMP certified facilities, active INDs, and on going clinical research. We work with labs that operate with excellence in customer service, pricing, and products.

Our Expertise

 We have over seven years of experience helping practitioners serve their patients. Our team, across the US, has done over 21,000 therapies. These therapies have helped our clients and their patients while generating significant additional revenue for our clients’ practices. We believe that great patient care comes through service and education, and we believe great business relationships are the same. We’d like to see if serving you is a good fit for both of us.

Our Story

RHSS, founded by Bryndon Preston, and is based on the industry need to bring regenerative medicine therapy to medical providers around the United States. RHSS partners with A2I, a company that has successfully provided medical oversight and collaboration along with recruiting, hiring, and staffing services for seven years.

The goal of RHSS is to take the effective messaging, marketing, legal, and successful procedures utilized by RHSS/A2I/Destination Health Group, and allow medical providers to offer effective therapy to a more significant number of patients correctly with excellent patient outcomes. RHSS is taking their years of experience, the processes that have allowed them to deliver over 21,000 regen therapies over the last three years, and bring those resources to our clients and the patients they serve. 

Destination Health is a national training facility for RHSS/A2I. It acts as a test market for all regen medicine therapies allowing RHSS to ascertain the effectiveness of care, marketing, client acquisition cost, ROI, and proven success models for therapy. The focus of RHSS/A2I/Destination Health is always to serve the patient by providing clear education and options so the patient can make the best decision for themselves and their families.

About Us

Our Team

Our medical team becomes part of your team. Take our experience with over 22,000 therapies across the country and put it to work for your patients and clients.

7 Years of Excellence

More patients, more healthy outcomes, 
and it's all made easy for you. 

Serve First

This business model works best when we serve the patients, serve their community, serve our clients, and serve your team and ours. This synergy makes everything work best for all involved.
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